Lodging place : CREPS d'Aix en Provence

Arrivals on sunday 1 p.m

Departure on saturday 10 a.m

Training place : Yves Blanc swimming pool (downtown)

Shuttles by private bus

A "Gala show" on friday night open to all and free

A synchrocamp day

Wake up 7.30 a.m & breakfast

Bus to swimming pool 8.30 a.m

Water training until 12;30 p.m 

Bus to lunch

Get back to train until 6 p.m

Diner at 7.30 p.m

Wakes from 20.45 p.m to 21.30 p.m*

*Wakes are resting & sharing times. Not mandatory. Depending the swimmer age, the lack of sleep or energy, the synchrocamp team is aware of its.


A half day is sheduled for entertaining.

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